Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Well here it is the day before christmas and all through the house it's just Judy and I. How wonderful being a grandparent can be. That means all your kids are gone, ha. Church tonight and then dinner with friends and a drive around town for some light searching. Every year we look to see how many folks are rich enough to run up their electric bill. Tomorrow will be a busy day I'm sure. We always go to our daughters house to watch the kids and enjoy too much food along the way. My parents are with my sister and her husband visiting up in northern Illinois where it is just too cold for us folks from Arizona. They seem to be enjoying themselfs and that is the important thing. We head off to Gilbert soon to pick up our son Daniel. His car has broken down the day before Christmas so we will get him and bring him over to enjoy the holidays. Gilbert is about 65 miles one way from our home so will be a nice long trip for us. Our weather is overcast and about 50 degrees with the rains starting again tonight and to rain all through Christmas day. Sure beats freezing temps and that white stuff they call snow. We all hope everyone enjoys their families this time of year and keep warm. Happy holiday season to all from Arizona.

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