Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

Well Christmas day has come and gone. Christmas day here in Arizona was a overcast and cloudy day. One we are not use to as it is usually sunny and bright each and every day. I am so glad it's not that way every day, but I must say for Christmas it was really nice. We went to our daughters home for the day. By the time we had gotten there Santa had already unloaded his bag. Lord how these kids can play with all the things they have now days amazes me. Our littlest grandson is almost 3 so he really enjoyed the day. He was so worn out that by afternoon he had just passed out on his little table. Poor guy, sure was tired but just wouldn't give up. So as you can see Christmas is really quite a bit of work for the kids. The older kids did well with their heads buried in a device called a DS, some game from Nintendo. Grandma and I were worn out and made it home all in one piece anyhow. I did get to call my sister's cell phone and wish her and my parents in Illinois a Merry Christmas. I felt bad as it was so cold there and we were complaining about the rain and 58 degrees. So after a few games of Wii the old folks were worn out and once again lived through Christmas. We hope that all of you enjoyed your family as much as we did yesterday. Now all we have to do is make it a few more days and 2009 will be upon us and a whole new year of challenges will face us all.


  1. Hello!! Thanks for sending your blog address to me. Now you need to do some decorating and you got it done!! There are a lot of guys on here with blogs!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  2. Hi Ron! Sandy sent me over... she and I are real life friends as well as blogging buddies -- but we MET through the blogs! They're a lot of fun - and you will find soon enough and to your AMAZEMENT how many friends you will make! This blogosphere is an amazing place. Welcome to it!

  3. Nice to meet you, Ron. The picture is so cute!

    My life is very boring and my blog is not what I wanted it to be yet. Soon it will be more uplifting :-)


  4. Hi Ron. I've just come from Sandy's place. It's nice that you've started blogging and you'll find that there are really friendly bloggers out there.

    Love the picture of the little one sound asleep, dear wee soul.

    Good to meet you and hope to see more of you.

    Cheers from Australia.

  5. Hi, your sister sent me over. The little one is such a little angel, a sleep on the table, all worn out from all the Christmas fun!

  6. Hi uncle Ron. Nice blog. Love that picture you have posted. Looks like he is tired.
    I have a blog too. Don't get too many chances to write but I do every once in a while.

  7. Ron,

    Just dropped by from sister Sandy's. Welcome to Blogger. You will find a lot of nice people here.

    I know all about Nintendo DS and Wii. I have two grandsons 13 and 11. They have so many gadgets that keep them busy. I encourage them to go outdoors and play.

    Sandy is experiencing a bit of northern weather in Ohio. We had lots of snow before Christmas but on the 26th it rained all day and now it is all gone except for a few piles here and there that the snowplow left behind. Colder today. We will see lots of snow in the next couple of months, I expect.

    You're welcome to drop over to my Writing Nook for a visit anytime. Glad you had a great Christmas.