Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday and WARM weather!!!

Well here it is Tuesday night in Arizona. Wow what a difference a day makes, today it was 72 degrees and sunny. Tomorrow they say 75 degrees and the 7 day looks good for us in the desert. Tonight not much has changed, came home did some things in garage and then sat and plunked the Strat for about 1 1/2 hour. Then along came Judy and well she had been to the store so I was the pack mule tonight. She is a true blessing around here or I would just starve to death. Guess you could say that's why I married a farm girl from Illinois, GREAT COOKS... Only a 8 hour day tomorrow and then over to our daughters house for a cook out and a wild night of viedo games I'm sure. I don't play with the grandkids as they beat me too often. So I am sure I won't see midnight but then one never knows. The nice part is that four days off, need to get some work done around this place. I am in the middle of replacing all our interior doors over to raised panel ones, so it will be fun for me. Sandy I see your on your way home to Georgia, know you will be glad to get back and get well. The folks sure enjoyed your stay and know you enjoyed the grandkids. OK, have to run, something about the DVR not working right or something. Take care and Happy New Year from Arizona to all.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday and Back to Work

Well here it is Monday night and Judy and I both made it through a monday after having 5 days off. Sure was a long old day but now it's over and only 2 more to go for some more time off. I love the holidays for that one reason, Ha. Wanted to thank all of my Sisters friends for stopping by and welcoming me to Blogging, it's all new to me. I have had a ham radio web site for years and blogging looks a lot like it but you have to write your thoughts more often, ha. Julie nice to hear from you and I am going to check out your site soon. Glad you enjoyed the time with your mom and dad, know they all enjoyed the time together with you Bill and the kids. I was just setting practicing on the guitar and after playing sweet home alabama so many times over and over I figured it was time for a break. I love learning the new songs but when your self taught you just have to go over and over and over till your almost sick of it before you get it all figured out. Well not long left and it will be 2009, lord where has all the time gone. Oh I know now, just looked in the mirror and can see where it all went, lord! Judy is getting ready to head off to the pool with the girls and I will get back to the guitar. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and I will try to visit each and every one of you in the near future. When you work 6 ten hour days a week not much time for it but I can make time that I know. OK adios from Sunny Arizona, which if finally was today. Take care and be safe over the new year's eve weekend. Sandy let me know when you guys get home, ok? Bye now....

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

Well Christmas day has come and gone. Christmas day here in Arizona was a overcast and cloudy day. One we are not use to as it is usually sunny and bright each and every day. I am so glad it's not that way every day, but I must say for Christmas it was really nice. We went to our daughters home for the day. By the time we had gotten there Santa had already unloaded his bag. Lord how these kids can play with all the things they have now days amazes me. Our littlest grandson is almost 3 so he really enjoyed the day. He was so worn out that by afternoon he had just passed out on his little table. Poor guy, sure was tired but just wouldn't give up. So as you can see Christmas is really quite a bit of work for the kids. The older kids did well with their heads buried in a device called a DS, some game from Nintendo. Grandma and I were worn out and made it home all in one piece anyhow. I did get to call my sister's cell phone and wish her and my parents in Illinois a Merry Christmas. I felt bad as it was so cold there and we were complaining about the rain and 58 degrees. So after a few games of Wii the old folks were worn out and once again lived through Christmas. We hope that all of you enjoyed your family as much as we did yesterday. Now all we have to do is make it a few more days and 2009 will be upon us and a whole new year of challenges will face us all.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Well here it is the day before christmas and all through the house it's just Judy and I. How wonderful being a grandparent can be. That means all your kids are gone, ha. Church tonight and then dinner with friends and a drive around town for some light searching. Every year we look to see how many folks are rich enough to run up their electric bill. Tomorrow will be a busy day I'm sure. We always go to our daughters house to watch the kids and enjoy too much food along the way. My parents are with my sister and her husband visiting up in northern Illinois where it is just too cold for us folks from Arizona. They seem to be enjoying themselfs and that is the important thing. We head off to Gilbert soon to pick up our son Daniel. His car has broken down the day before Christmas so we will get him and bring him over to enjoy the holidays. Gilbert is about 65 miles one way from our home so will be a nice long trip for us. Our weather is overcast and about 50 degrees with the rains starting again tonight and to rain all through Christmas day. Sure beats freezing temps and that white stuff they call snow. We all hope everyone enjoys their families this time of year and keep warm. Happy holiday season to all from Arizona.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Day

Well today is the first day of this blog. My life is not very interesting but my sister has done this for some time now and I enjoy reading her blog from time to time. Bet you didn't even know I read your blog now did you Sandy? Well I do, not always but when I find the time I do. Living in Arizona since 1979 has been quite a change from growing up on a small farm in the Midwest. Our everyday life style here is what most would call boring. My wife and I both work, (too much to) but with today's economy we are lucky to have jobs. I am going to try to keep up with this but knowing me and my lifestyle it might not be but once a week. By the way it was nice to talk to you on IM mother, seems vista finally wants to run that program without locking up my computer. So will try to listen up for you in evenings and keep better track of you and Dad.