Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday and WARM weather!!!

Well here it is Tuesday night in Arizona. Wow what a difference a day makes, today it was 72 degrees and sunny. Tomorrow they say 75 degrees and the 7 day looks good for us in the desert. Tonight not much has changed, came home did some things in garage and then sat and plunked the Strat for about 1 1/2 hour. Then along came Judy and well she had been to the store so I was the pack mule tonight. She is a true blessing around here or I would just starve to death. Guess you could say that's why I married a farm girl from Illinois, GREAT COOKS... Only a 8 hour day tomorrow and then over to our daughters house for a cook out and a wild night of viedo games I'm sure. I don't play with the grandkids as they beat me too often. So I am sure I won't see midnight but then one never knows. The nice part is that four days off, need to get some work done around this place. I am in the middle of replacing all our interior doors over to raised panel ones, so it will be fun for me. Sandy I see your on your way home to Georgia, know you will be glad to get back and get well. The folks sure enjoyed your stay and know you enjoyed the grandkids. OK, have to run, something about the DVR not working right or something. Take care and Happy New Year from Arizona to all.


  1. Happy new year to all of you in Arizona. Send some of that warmer weather our way :]

  2. We are very happy to be back home. I need to get some new blogging done!! Today all I did was wash clothes from being gone for about 10 days...what a mess. Glad you are having great weather. We are also here...not as warm as you but it is nice!!